Black Rose Thigh Tattoo

Black Rose Thigh Tattoo
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Black Rose Thigh Tattoo

Black Rose Thigh Tattoo.

First of all let me just say that this is one sexy tattoo. Roses are not only a sexy flower, but have been popular tattoo choice amongst both men and women for a tattoo since the early 1900’s. The rose is not only a beautiful flower, its also is so much more. It can represent that you’re in love when it’s thorn free, but can also represent that love dosen’t come without sacrifices when the rose tattoo is with thorns.

On a more direct note the rose tattoo will always represent beauty and nature. Different colored roses have different meanings in this case this black rose commonly represent mourning and/or death, but they can also mean the leader of change and new beginnings. Black roses also are a sign of strength or rebellion. Check out other rose tattoos on, to find out what the other colors mean, and of course how they look!

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Title : Black Rose Thigh Tattoo
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